How To Delete A Workout On Apple Watch

The Apple Watch makes it easy to start a workout in seconds, but it isn’t possible to delete a workout from the Watch itself. Here’s how to do it.

The Apple Watch is a fitness and health tool, and while there are several ways users can track workouts on the device, deleting an unwanted workout isn’t as easy. The watch has specific sensors and features that are catered to health monitoring, many of them previously reserved for the doctor’s office. The Apple Watch is not a replacement for professional diagnostics, but it has alerted users to health problems before they become more serious issues. It packs a heart rate monitor, an electrocardiogram, and a blood-oxygen sensor for health monitoring and fitness data.

Unlike deleting a workout, starting one on an Apple Watch takes just seconds. There is a dedicated Workout app pre-installed on each Apple Watch that allows users to choose from an assortment of workout options. The smartwatch can track runs, swims, cycles, and more — each with different features tailored to that specific workout experience. Due to the fact that it’s so easy to start a workout, users might inadvertently do so and want to delete it later. Unwanted workouts can affect a user’s activity rings and long-term fitness tracking. With a paired iPhone, these workouts can be deleted, removing all associated data from both devices.

The Apple Watch has become more independent from the iPhone in recent years — it can download apps, make calls, and send messages — which makes it a bit surprising that users cannot delete workouts from the watch directly. It also isn’t possible to delete a workout from the Fitness app on an iPhone. However, unwanted workouts can be deleted using the Health app on an iPhone. The Health app collects a variety of data from a user’s iPhone and Apple Watch and presents it in a clear, easy-to-understand format. It’s here where workout data can be viewed, modified, and deleted.


To delete a workout from an Apple Watch, start by opening the Health app on an iPhone. There will be three main tabs visible at the bottom of the screen: ‘Summary,’ ‘Sharing,’ and ‘Browse.’ Tap the last option, ‘Browse,’ to bring up a list of different health categories and a search bar. Type ‘Workout‘ in the search field and select the ‘Workouts‘ button that will appear in the search results. Scroll down to the bottom of the ‘Workouts‘ page and select ‘Show All Data.’ Here, users can individually see and manage all of their workouts in reverse chronological order. To delete a workout, tap ‘Edit‘ in the top right corner of the screen and hit the red minus symbol next to the chosen workout. Confirm the deletion by pressing the ‘Delete‘ button to the right of the chosen workout.


After deleting a workout from the Health app, all of the data associated with the workout will be deleted from the iPhone and a paired Apple Watch. There are a few reasons a user might want to delete a workout from an Apple Watch. First, the watch has automatic workout detection, so if the device senses that the wearer is exerting energy it can suggest they start a workout. After the notification pops up, just one tap can start a workout, causing accidental workouts to be logged. Furthermore, users may forget to end a workout, with extra minutes inadvertently skewing the activity data. Though it could be simpler to delete a workout on an Apple Watch, it’s fairly easy to do it using an iPhone



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